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When Jackson retired, Musburger became the voice of the Rose Bowl, not the smallest of footsteps in which to follow.He did what all the legendary announcers do, wove a storyline, introduced you to the cast — what the player's daddy did, how until junior year in high school some fleet safety had focused more on the trombone than on football. And, in the end, as rich and autumnal as a Robert Frost poem.With Justin Holiday back in Chicago after the birth of his first child and Paul Zipser slumping, Fred Hoiberg changed the Bulls' starting lineup again Wednesday.He even did so twice, trying a different look to open the second half.At one time Musburger was at the forefront of sports broadcasting. 1 librettist, he hosted the first studio show, with machine-gun narration of all the action around the NFL, packed into a 30-minute pregame.

He's like the poet laureate of Boston, and I wish my city had a Sports Guy!

The young announcer had his share of detractors, including his own colleagues.

One of his most famous moments came in a Manhattan watering hole, when Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder threw a punch."I don't know that it was much of a fistfight," Musburger remembers with a chuckle. My brother dove across the table, and Jimmy picked up a beer bottle."The bartender was the smartest guy in the room, and he turned out the lights," Musburger says.

Elmos Fire (2001) 2 - The Snow Game (2002) 3 - The Ewing Theory (2001) 4 - Swingers Season Review (2002) 5 - The Karate Kid Trilogy (2002) close: Game 6 of the ?

86 World Series (2001) I also like Ramblings and Mailbags. I am glad I saved some of those at homebosux191820042090: what kills more is that now more than ever the team needs him[A-Rod] to put it on his back, and he can't...i hate to say this, but if given a choice i would rather have ortiz on my team any day I can't pick 5 favorites.

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