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While looking through the vast amount of archive Kane material that Josie left in my not so capable hands I came across an envelope containg lots of negatives, colour transparancies and glossy photos of the man himself along with some of his original "Here's Larry" handwritten articles and stories.

Reading through these, which wasn't easy, if you'd seen his hand writing and come across some of the unusual wording he used you'd know why, it brought back memories of having to decipher these and type them for George to insert in Kane.

As we have begun putting PDF copies of Kane Specials on Amazon Kindle I decided to compile a special of all of the short stories I wrote for Kane.

I don't profess to be the world's best writer but I enjoyed writing the stories and many of them were inspired by real events that happened in my life. Well I certainly do and not just for his liking of spanking and pretty bare female bottoms as Sir Larry was also an amazing magician, so good in fact that he was a member of the magic circle.

Recently we've had suppliers refuse to sell stock to us as they and the publishers of many adult magazines feel our prices are too competitive, which roughly translated means they want to keep prices high by depriving us of stock.I've been working on a project that will at sometime in the future see the Kane International and Top Marks videos be given a new lease of life.We are also in the process of creating a new Kane website which will be - which will be live sometime in the not too distant future.Larry's stories and articles were always erudite, now there's a word to look up, and always interesting and I wondered why there had never been a Kane Sir Larry Special Edition. After discussing the matter with Kane's now guv'nor or should that be governess Josie, we decided to put together some of the archive material and publish it as a downloadable PDF magazine so that those spankers who didn't get the chance to see the original published work of Sir Larry now have the opportunity to do so.There are two versions of the Kane Sir Larry Greythorpe Special Edition; one with naughty spanking pictures and one with pictures of Sir Larry that does not contain any bare bottoms or spanking.

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All was going well until one of the bigger boys started to get upset because we wanted to offer our customers better value for their hard earned cash and sold cheaper than they did.

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