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It’s no surprise that more and more foreigners are looking for a Russian bride.They need that boundless love and infinite kindness that have become so rare in the Western world.I know what care and tenderness are, but I already forgot what is love. more »» My dear, I am very interesting, kind, faithful, I will make your life interesting and you will always live in happiness, love. I try to take care of your appearance and always look good. more »» I'm soulful and social lady, I'm jolly and active person. I'm interested in esotericism, I always strive for personal growth. I like to read books in my free time, especially at weekends at noon... My work is connected with children, so I love them a lot. more »» And what do you think about hot MOMMY like me, m?I love cooking and extreme, I'm looking forward to you in the chat more »» I'm a very emotional person. It's all about me) I want to meet a man, my soul mat... I love traveling, mountaineering, snowboard, skiing, dancing, fitness, swimming. Please give e one single chance to prove i am good for you. I am a big dreamer and I want to find that special man who will help me to make all my dreams come true) I have m... I am also interested in fashion, anyway I am a woman. ) Or are you one of those who think that woman who grows a daughter is doomed to stay at home, cook, wash, and be unhappy? On the contrary, they are very open-minded and gregarious, especially with the foreigners.

A man has to be the best friend, best lover and the most trustworthy man for his woman. more »» mature and sociable girl, always open to new torture.They are notorious for drinking lots of alcohol which frequently leads to low life-expectancy and becomes a cause of so many divorces.Also, women often have to take the leading role in the family, combine their jobs with household chores and caring for their children.I am honest, good looking girl who is looking for a man who is going to be my good friend and lover. You might have heard about “mysterious Russian soul”.

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European and American women are so busy climbing the career ladder, that very often they dedicate all their time to it forgetting to live the life of a normal woman.

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