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Josh And Laurie: A Dating Story Josh and Laurie were supposed to get together for their first date on a Sunday evening, but by late afternoon that Sunday, after many texts, he still hadn't decide where to meet. The indecision and lack of commitment were the first yellow flags. So, as the second date approached, she was going to watch Josh's actions and see if he was truly moving too quickly. Very thoughtful, thought Laurie, but she got another little ping in her gut. And the role that it does or doesn't play in ours. Josh: "Shouldn't I be thinking of you all day and wanting to be with you? "Laurie: "The last time I had those kinds of intense butterflies, it didn't end well.

Josh: Can't say I have a good meeting place in mind. Shouldn't I be getting butterflies every time I think of you? That's lust, and that's not what I'm looking for.

Finally, other women don’t really want a serious relationship, so they choose seriously flawed men in order to have an excuse to end the relationship anytime.

Giving too Much too Soon Deciding if and when it is appropriate to have sex is a problem for many women. They may lose respect if a woman is too easy, or lose interest if she seems “impossible”.

She already has a date with a hot new guy this week.

I'd like to get to know you slowly and not rush or project what might happen in the future. "Josh: "Yes, I feel the same way." They made tentative plans to get together either Saturday night or Sunday morning.

They ended up scheduling a hike for Sunday morning. Laurie understood that he was backing out, but he could have been more direct about his feelings.

At 10 a.m., he texted her that he had overslept and needed to cancel plans. She would have appreciated some sort of explanation. It was clear that this brief "relationship" was over.

Let's look at the yellow flags: When a man wants to have sex before a woman is ready, he's being a guy. But the fact that he lost interest after she slowed him down — that was a red flag.

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Just want you to know I'm thinking of us, and chances are we'll go for a bite to eat, if we are to meet later. I want to get to know a man slowly, to really build a lasting relationship.

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