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A source told The Sun: "It’s a no brainer that Olly would be attracted to Mel - she’s a beautiful woman with a fantastic body, and she’s a laugh."But there’s no denying her reputation, and Olly could end up hurt." OK!Money is about the way I live, when I decide with Marjorie, what we do and don’t do. ” I’d never done it before but managed it and he gave me 25 guilders.I was so glad because I was saving up for a microscope and suddenly had enough to buy it.I paid for it so it’s mine but I see myself as the caretaker.Touring earns about 80pc of my money and is the most beautiful thing.I told her: “That would be so nice to own,” and she said: “You better sell some records then.” I did that and bought the castle. I think success is down to both ambition and optimism.

Olly, who was recently confirmed as the new coach on The Voice, and fitness fanatic Melanie have apparently been keeping their romance under wraps by enjoying hush-hush dates at each other's houses.

When we travel with 110 people and come to England, everyone in my orchestra and crew sleeps in good hotels and travels on good aeroplanes.

For 25 years, travelling the world has been our way of life. Other people buy a Ferrari but I wanted a greenhouse filled with butterflies and that’s what I have. It’s an invention from the Dutch “Golden Age” but I think it’s ruining the world because with stocks, we don’t all live from existing money, and the base of the economy is dreams instead of hard work. Recording with my orchestra is fantastic but I love being on stage most.

It was such a beautiful concert with ballet, horses and debutants and I said to my son, Pierre: “This is fantastic, let’s recreate the palace on stage.” It’s hard to believe but we recreated it room-by-room to take on a world tour.

It was so expensive that by the time I paid for all the set and hotel rooms, I was completely bankrupt. He sat opposite and said: “What can we do to get our money back?

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Later on I bought a blue Mercedes – the biggest model that existed at the time – and it was very expensive at 200,000 guilders (around £72,000).

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