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Brian is co-owner of local indie label, Quite Scientific, and an all-around master of everything, while Rich is the communications and marketing manager at the Ann Arbor District Library and author of The Book of Ann Arbor: An Extremely Serious History Book, available at Literati Bookstore or on Amazon.NASA recently crashed the Cassini space probe into Saturn.She works as an innovation consultant at the Inovo Group and Co-founded A2 Health Hacks, a non-profit running healthcare hackathons in SE Michigan. Who would have guessed that a kid born to a poor family in Lower Town would one day rise in the ranks to stand at the right hand of the great Henry Ford, keeping assembly workers in line and firing pistols at pro-union demonstrators.Rough, tough and gruff Harry Bennett came within a hair of running the Ford Motor Company based on a resume as one of the greatest enforcers of all time.

Nearly twenty years later, I still haven’t found something that is man-made and more beautiful than the natural world, not even a Dolce and Gabbana dress.Check in for previews, thoughts, critiques, reviews, dorky puns, opinions, observations, and heads-ups on what’s happening in the area from professional journalists, community contributors, and your very own AADL staffers.We have three great speakers – all talking about a different way to assert power. Hackathons are a fun way to bring together a diverse community of people solve tough problems together and have fun doing it.Diane Bouis will talk about breaking something in order to fix it, Eric Fitzpatrick will talk about the almighty gall of a civilization crashing a spacecraft into another planet – on purpose – and Rich Retyi and Brian Peters will tell the story of a man who rose to prominence by brute force. And ideally the type of disruptive innovation that changes the world and that the others haven’t thought of yet. We’ll go through some innovations that have come by applying unrelated expertise and talk about what you can do to bring the hackathon ethos to problems you’d like to help find solutions to.Grab a friend, buy a beer, and sit back and enjoy NNA2 #50! About Diane: Diane is a nerdy kid turned scientist turned consultant.

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