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Indeed, the opinions of my American friends have shaped mine, and their ideas of dating, romance, and marriage have caused me to think of arranged marriages as somehow “less than” other marriages.

But when I look at my parents, all I see is a loving, fulfilling, successful marriage.

Dating startups say the effort is justified because half of India's 1.3 billion people are under 25, increasingly global and presumably open to shedding some reserve.

"India is going through a social revolution but young Indians, especially women, rarely get the chance to interact with people of the opposite gender outside of their college or work environments," says Taru Kapoor, who runs Tinder India, the company's only office outside the US.

He didn’t want to pressure her or demand anything else since he himself was “useless” and had mediocre culinary abilities, so he resolved to eat lemon rice every day until my mom cooked something else.), smiling and yelling at the camera when she realizes she’s been caught.

Their marriage has been filled with memories of my dad pulling pranks on my mom, of them traveling the world together, of my mom indulging my dad’s fondness for classic films and listening to him enthusiastically explain the plot of some awful Bollywood movie from the 70s.

I don’t know how to define what my parents share, but I can definitively say that it adds something incomparably special to their lives. Maybe my dad’s superhuman ability to stomach lemon rice for an entire year and my mom’s newfound hobby of singing at odd intervals tell us more about real, genuine love than conventional acts of “romance” ever could.

The relationship that my parents share isn’t one that can be found between the pages of a Nora Roberts novel or onscreen in a Hallmark Channel film, but it is beautiful and meaningful.

To be fair, arranged marriages do have their flaws.As a result, dating startups are treading carefully.When Delhi-based Truly Madly started two years ago, its founders were disinclined to call it a dating site and went for the inoffensive tagline, 'India's best matchmakers.' "We were scared of using the word 'dating.' It does not reflect very well on Indian culture," says Sachin Bhatia, co-founder and chief executive officer.It always excites me when my parents tell me stories of their early years together.Whenever I complain about the (curry) that my mom has prepared for dinner, my dad always reminds me that he had to eat lemon rice for their entire first year of marriage because it was the only dish my mom knew how to make.

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