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Salmond’s whole purpose as First Minister and SNP leader was to convince Scots they are players not watchers; members of a nation that’s perfectly capable of playing a confident and active role within or outwith the UK - not grumbling along as a resentful and passive spectator. The future is still all up for grabs as the tectonic plates underpinning the Union creak and shift.

A majority of Scots did indeed vote to stay in the Union, but an even larger majority voted to stay in the EU - sooner or later the incompatibility of that dual stance will be glaringly obvious, even to those whose instinct has been to support the Union through hell and high water.

If it's not Keeping Up With the Kardashians we're watching it's Britain's Got Talent.

But one of the main reasons we love to invest a bit of time in the talent show is to check out Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon's ensembles (not to mention a bit of the love/hate relationship between David and Simon!

Much as middle Scotland doesn’t want to be forced into choosing between a Brexit-bound Britain and an independent Scotland in Europe, the good ship Caledonia is being towed directly to that very point of departure – or submission.

The Muppets graduate from college and decide to take their senior revue on the road.The sustained fall in sterling has pushed up inflation and the Bank of England has started to consider raising interest rates.” He suggests there is a “slowly opening window” of opportunity to ensure Brexit never happens. If you ask whether Brexit will prompt Scottish independence, folk are doubtful.But if you ask whether Scotland will still be part of the UK in 10 or 20 years, few unionist commentators can see the Union holding up that long.Presumably because many erstwhile opponents of EU membership are now organising for just such an outcome.As Scottish historian Tom Devine points out: “Last year the UK had the highest growth rate in Europe; and this year the lowest.

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