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Prison officials, meanwhile, hire some employees with troubled pasts, and put new officers on the job with minimal training.They make it easy for officers to profit illegally – sneaking in drugs, cellphones and weapons.In some cases, when employees resign while under investigation, no charges are filed.Prison officials have hired officers with histories of crime, violence and unethical behavior, failing to follow the examples of states that more thoroughly vet job applicants.

Most of the state’s 8,000 correctional officers are ethical and hardworking, they say. “Do I think I have corrupt staff in every prison, in every (maximum-security) prison?

A Charlotte Observer investigation found that a hidden world of drugs, sex and gang violence thrives inside North Carolina prisons – and that officers who are paid to prevent such corruption are instead fueling it.

When Phillip Boney became a North Carolina prison officer in 2006, he knew he’d have to deal with dangerous, unethical people. At 6-foot-4 and 260 pounds, the former teaching assistant said he rarely felt intimidated by the inmates at Lanesboro Correctional Institution, 45 miles southeast of Charlotte.

Lawmakers placed many of the state’s 55 prisons in rural areas where it’s hard to recruit employees.

And they have failed to provide officers competitive wages.

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Since 2012, more than 65 employees have been fired for getting too close to inmates. Others carried on blatant sexual affairs with the prisoners they were supposed to guard.

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