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I found that activity went from 1200 to 400, and that most of the activity happened in privately owned subrooms that were hosted by chatropolis but were run by members who payed a subscription fee to the sites host for the service.

Being incredibly alarmed by this, and also seeing as there hasn't been a news update from the admins since 10/25/10, I sent two emails out trying to contact them, to no avail. Asura Better Answer I can't tell you what happened.

In these days use of mobile devices and mobile internet is increasing and that is why html size is so important for a web site, we made a test and see that's home page is 2kb which is really good for mobile users. We couldn't see on DMOZ that is why we don't think this site is secure to use but since DMOZ wants money to add your site to Dmoz we can't say this site is 100% secure or not.

Does anyone remember High Society Chat it had an abrupt ending and has never been heard from again. We’d flirt with each other, occasionally hooking up at some point.

The deviants were relegated to rooms which catered to their “unique” interests. I’m not sure at what point, the straight population left. But the pervs overflowed from their regular haunts and concentrated their numbers in rooms normally dominated by the rest of us.

It was a shock for those of us returning, who had been away for a few years.

I also browsed around the few remaining remnants of activity on Chatropolis as well, and nobody seems to know. How does one of the most prominent naughty chat sites on the net just belly up and essentially die like the Wari of South America? I noticed it suddenly being dysfunctional, about 4 days ago. Several years back it was a nice, social gathering place for straight, lusty persons to gather.

We’d flirt with each other, occasionally hooking up at some point.

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I also noticed that the rooms that were normally active but had become empty were incredibly laggy for not only me, but many users as well.

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