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The process begins when a potential adopter fills out an adoption application either at the shelter or printed from our website. We accept applications on a first-come, first-serve basis.Once the application is received, we will provide the potential adopter with an appointment date and time to adopt."A lot of people have been in support of this, and it's very needed," said Dr.Claude Burnett, director of the Northeast Health District.As health professionals, we're concerned with all kinds of sexual health issues, from sexual abuse, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancy, sex violence in dating relationships and dating violence in general.So many of these issues are preventable, but only through education." Researchers have not studied whether the program led to lower teen pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease rates."It's a proud moment for Athens, it's a proud moment for Georgia to be able to move sex education forward and to be able to give our young people the information that they're clamoring for," said Kim Nolte, vice president for programs for the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention.When making an important decision that will impact the lives of your children, you need to have all the facts in place.

Rabies tags are obtained from the veterinarian’s office where the vaccination is given.

"Less than half of 1 percent have decided to opt out.

My office receives all the exemption waivers and in the time I've been here, there's been almost no waivers whatsoever." The Clarke County school board considered abandoning abstinence-only teaching to help contain a high teen pregnancy rate.

"We felt it was irresponsible of us to do a hit-and-run education program where you do one lesson and then you're gone," Reis said, reflecting on the tendency 20 years ago for schools to invite health professionals into schools to discuss sexual health topics once a year.

"We decided we needed to create a tool for teachers to have to put it in context.

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