Dating a taurus woman

He can easily envision her as the mother of his children and building a home together.

This couple understands each other on a very deep emotional and intellectual level.

It might be difficult for Taurus because Capricorn isn't exactly a chatterbox and certainly doesn't express how he feels very often.

Still, if Taurus is a highly developed soul, she'll catch Capricorn's subtle messages that he's paying attention. This earthy couple will be all about the sex and bedtime will be great.

The Taurus Woman with a Capricorn man combo can end up being that once-in-a-lifetime love match.

Taurus will be pleased that her man is so protective of her and Capricorn's heart will melt from Taurus's loyalty.Both of these fast-track, career-minded people are always focused on the next rung they need to climb.They need to take a breather and enjoy life with each other.Taurus will understand that her man isn't a touchy feely kind of guy and that suits her just fine since she's not that kind of girl.She has a genuine adoration for Capricorn's impeccable taste in clothes and other material possessions.

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  1. Eventually, things get sorted out and Taylor and Terrence become part of the same circle of friends that included Hayley, Brian, and An Li. After high school, Taylor became a police officer at odds with her wealthy Chicago background and debutante persona.