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Still, it was shot in Australia (on some of the same sets as fellow mind-bending film The Matrix, fact fans) and Aussie director Alex Proyas certainly stamped his distinctively dark mark on the film, paying homage to film noir and the classics of silent film along the way.If you get a chance, watch the Director's Cut – it dispenses with the plot-spoiling opening narration for the hard-of-thinking.Angsty teenage romance comes to the snowy fields of Jindabyne, New South Wales in Somersault. Moving on, this indie flick – directed by Cate Shortland – bowled critics over with fine, sexually charged performances from Abbie Cornish and Sam Worthington as 16 year old runaway Heidi and farmer boy Joe.If your father ever tries to take you and sister on a picnic in the outback, say no. And for another, he might shoot himself, leaving you to fend for yourself with only the help of a passing Aboriginal boy.Murderous gangs run riot on its endless highways – a far cry from today’s Australia, where most city dwellers are scared to cross the street before the walk signal illuminates.

Warning – contains a Cyndi Lauper montage and characters with names like Tina Sparkle.

Agent Smith from The Matrix (Hugo Weaving), Mike from Neighbours (Guy Pearce) and Superman’s General Zod (Terence Stamp) dress up as women and drive a bus across Australia.

Somehow this pitch slipped past a studio exec, and thank God it did – Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is all the things a road trip movie should be, delivered with a distinctly Australian tang. Say what you will about Mel Gibson, who launched his career with this definitive post-civilization film, but Mad Max was – and still is – an awesome depiction of a dystopian Australian future.

Rufus Sewell stars as an amnesiac who struggles to uncover the mystery of his past – and the secrets of the oppressive city that he lives in – in this cerebral sci-fi flick.

There's some debate as to whether this neo-noir fantasy qualifies as an Australian film, since it was part-funded by a Hollywood studio.

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Listed as one of GQ’s ‘50 films that make men cry’, Gallipoli kicks off in 1910s Australia and only varies slightly from the historical script as it follows a group of Western Australian men onto the Turkish battlefields of the First World War.

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