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"When I read that a man is making only ,000, I am turned off," she says. "Absolutely not." On the other hand, Abbamonte generally doesn't believe a guy when he says he makes over 0,000, since there isn't any way to verify that people are giving accurate estimates of their income.

In fact, a 2010 OKCupid report found that 20 percent of its users said they made more money than they really did, presumably to make themselves seem more appealing.

But the couple is in the minority, since more than 80 percent of JDate users choose to leave their salary blank or select "Will tell you later." Van Wallach, 56, a senior proposal writer for a major professional services firm, was a member of JDate and before he started dating a woman he met on JDate in 2008.

While he ultimately decided to select the "Will tell you later" option, he initially listed his income as between ,000 and 0,000.

They have the same contact rates as men who make under ,000 and women who make under ,000.

It's no wonder Michelle Frankel, founder of NYCity Matchmaking, never lets her clients skip the salary question when she's helping them complete their profiles.

"I absolutely think it's important to reveal," says Frankel, 43.

Inaccuracies in the data should be referred to the Iowa Department of Administrative Services, the source of the state salary book.

Source: Iowa Department of Administrative Services.

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