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The idea of Twhat his type was, he smiled, teasingly, and accentedly said, “Flight Attendant.” And this bothers me. I want to be taken seriously, as in valued, respected, and adored, but I’m also not complaining about my job title.I have created a lifestyle, a blog, and been gifted a small sense of direction, while simultaneously scoring a couple of hot dates out of the navy pencil skirt, white collared shirt, and manicured nails.Our romance experts have put together a few handy suggestions to make dating a little easier when you’re juggling your role as a flight attendant with your search for love. It is one that has the potential to be highly entertaining, as well as self-incriminating, but mostly self-incriminating. It’s scary for me to write about what is really happening, and honestly, I don’t know “How To Date A Flight Attendant”, I just know what it feels like to be young and single, and to have a job that allows me to meet people, on a regular basis, from all over the world.This is how the beginning of a conversation started between a friend and colleague of mine.

The two-word post was meant for the laughs, the Facebook likes, and the website clicks. I wonder if I can date “normal”, when dinner dates in Kauai, walking hand-in-hand through Rome, and cuddling in Costa Rica become what is normal.

With a job that sees them fly around the world, flight attendants have always had a glamorous image.

It’s no wonder then that members of the cabin crew, and in particular air hostesses are in high demand when it comes to the dating scene.

Right in my neighborhood when I’m always running away, is essentially zero to impossible. My colleague tells me that I would be so difficult to date. I believe high maintenance must have many definitions, because I’ve never considered myself a high maintenance woman, but I was told that my water dependency, Veganism, and travel fetish, make me much less desirable.

Ironically, when I do enjoy Southern California sunshine, I gravitate to foreigners. Well, I can’t see myself giving up any of those three anytime soon, if ever. I am viewed as the girl that no one can keep up with, that I am sabotaging myself, and what man wants to attempt to date someone who resides in the same zip code only on occasion?

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Have you ever had someone start explaining something to you by prefacing, “Now, don’t be offended by this, but…?

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