Dating in the middle ages

The Friends of Hyde Abbey Garden are not keen on the idea of archaeologists digging up the garden in search of the remains of King Alfred the Great.

The garden was established in 2003 above the site in Winchester, England, believed to be the grave of the king.

It is also densely populated—a mosaic of different peoples with a multiplicity of languages.

Very broadly and inadequately, its peoples can be sorted into Nordic, Alpine or Celtic, and Mediterranean types, and the bulk of their languages classified as either Romance or Germanic.

(photo) Researchers from the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties are studying a series of square holes they believe may have held the foundation for an important building in Fujiwara-kyo, the nation's capital between 694 and 710.

I write to report the happy news that on Friday at Crown tourney their Majesties Thorvaldr and Timoe invited Lady Ailitha de Ainwyk to sit her vigil to consider joining the order of the Laurel, and asked for her reply at court the next day.

To many British and some Irish people, however, “Europe” means essentially continental Europe.

The discovery was made by a team from the Museum of London Archaeology at the Angel Street excavation in Northampton.

(photos) “I cleaned it off and realised it was carved.

In this sense, what Europeans chiefly share is their diversity; and it may be this that has made them so energetic and combative.

Although uniquely favoured by fertile and temperate climates, they have long proved themselves warlike.

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(photo) In 2012, archaeologists discovered the remains of 27 Anglo-Saxon warriors and their grave goods at Barrow Clump in Salisbury, England.

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