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It remains unclear whether the pursuit of alternatives by Android OEM’s was the cause or result of Assistant’s temporary Pixel-exclusivity.What seems truer than ever, though, is this: Google has adopted Alan Kay’s maxim that “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” To that end the company introduced multiple hardware devices, including a new phone, the previously-announced Google Home device, new Chromecasts, and a new VR headset.

That allowed the company to integrate end users and discovery, making search the single best place to advertise for all kinds of industries.

Building truly transformative products requires all three: a company that is the best at serving a market at the point in the value chain where integration can drive sustainable profits.

Last year, after the company’s first ‘Made By Google’ event, I framed the company’s hardware efforts in the context of the search business model.

We’ve been working on software and hardware together because that’s the best way to drive the shifts in computing forward.

But we think we’re in the unique moment in time where we think we can bring the unique combination of AI, and software, and hardware to bring the different perspective to solving problems for users.

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