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2) Cornwall Coal’s Mine Manager was Mr Bryn Morall. Mr Terry Miller was the mines’ Production Co-Coordinator.The mine deputies were Mr Shane Gavaghan and Mr Kim Howes.View a complete biography and a list of conducted keynotes, workshops and courses It is a precious opportunity to work with Steve, in either private sessions or case consultations.Experience the art and wisdom of Organic Intelligence® directly from its Founder.4) On 30 October 2000 Mr Hayes was a member of a mining crew working the day shift in the Blackwood No. The other members of the crew were Shaun Trigg, Damon Viney, David Hoskinson and Paul Mason. At about 1.30 pm on Monday 30 October 2000 Mr Hayes was in the course of disconnecting some air and water hoses located on the left hand side of a continuous miner when he was struck by a piece of falling mud stone causing him severe and fatal head injuries.

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These connections are called "cut throughs." This process results in blocks of coal, or "coal pillars," being formed on a regular basis…………………..

This type of mining system is referred to in Australia as "bord and pillar mining" or "first workings".""The main source of coal production usually comes from extracting blocks of coal on the left and right of the ……………….roadways. The pillars within a panel are referred to as "panel pillars"………………..""Economic viability and resource recovery in bord and pillar operations can be improved substantially if some or all of the coal pillars are subsequently extracted.

As a leader in the Somatic Psychology field, Steve was Professional Training Faculty for the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute for 17 years and is currently Adjunct Faculty for JFK University’s Somatic Psychology program.

Since 1999, Steve has trained thousands of individuals in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East in the art of the compassionate treatment of trauma.

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