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If the resulting relative density is exactly 1, then it goes to say that the densities are equal.

If a substance’s relative density is less than one then it is less dense than the reference and will float in water.

One is absolute as it is unrestricted; one is relative as well as it is a part of the universe, and stands in relation to the whole.

Comparing the absolute of a scientific quantity being measured to some other a relative measurement like density leads us to define Absolute Density as a substance’s mass per unit volume at a specified temperature.

The scale is broken in the Precambrian because this period is extremely long in duration (it extends from 545 million years ago to over 4.5 billion years ago).

An image with a more complete timescale is also available, as is more information and references about geologic time scales.

Absolute vs Relative Absolute came from the Latin words absolute and absolvere which mean “to set free or make separate”.

It refers to a system of units, as the centimeter-gram-second system, based on some primary units of length, mass, and time.

It pertains to a measurement base don an absolute zero or unit.

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