French formula for dating younger women

"When I was younger I didn't have 'career objectives'.

I went to an all-catholic boarding school, I either spent my time praying that an angel wouldn't come down and tell me I needed to be a nun, or, I was just going to get married and have children, that's what was expected." But now, Claire is determined to give F1 and Williams her full, undivided attention.

The British racing legend provoked outrage by suggesting women are not mentally tough enough to compete in F1.

"That was a different generation, he's going to have different views," says Claire, although she thinks a lot of what Sir Stirling said was "taken out of context".

In this day and age I think more and more women are coming and saying, 'I can do this, thanks very much'." The 36 year-old adds: "I'm at the top, this proves you can do it, there aren't any barriers to entry.

This is my focus at the moment; if I want children, I want to give them 100pc of my time.People ask me, 'do you come up against any oppositions, how do the men treat me?' They don't treat me any differently because of my gender." At least, most of the time, she isn't treated any differently.When someone in the marketing department offered Claire a job over a decade ago, after she'd been working in the press office at Silverstone, Sir Frank put a stop to it, saying "no way".She was always told that Williams would never be a career option for her, that she would have to find her own way in life.

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She is in a serious relationship – and makes no secret of the fact she wants to get married (when I make a mistake and start a question with the words, 'you are married', she interrupts abruptly and laughs, 'no I'm not') - but children are not yet on the agenda.

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