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Maybe what they meant was that IRU would only be there for backup, and GPS is the primary means of navigation.That date is January 1st, 2020 when ADS-B becomes mandatory from liftoff to touchdown at major airports and class A and B airspace in the US.will likely result in your flight plan being rejected.Although due to publication cycles, the revised suffix table will be published in the August 4, 2005 edition of the AIM, users are cautioned to continue to use the suffixes defined in the February 17, 2005 edition of the AIM until September 1, 2005.d.I can't speak for other airlines, but as of today, AA's 75/76s are about half Pegasus and half Basic (IRU/DME). Is there anything that allows GPS augmentation using DME/DME/IRU through the FMS?

For vertical, currently RNP uses baro for vnav or it some cases rad alt.I would immagine a single IRU will still be required for a very long time.I believe we will maintain inirtial data (needed anyways for platform) as a backup system for a long time. I know the FAA has a TSO regarding 5 satellites with RAIM, or 4 if the GPS has baro-aiding. Would be nice to know, appreciate any insight on this. But, the real question is, how many fleets are operating this way without GNSS still today? Do operators of the 757/767 (UPS/Delta/American/United/BA etc...) have GNSS equipment installed, or are these operators predominantly conducting primary navigation solely using DME/DME/IRU for the FMS? Certainly position updating was accomplished through DME/DME/IRU at that time.

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Phase 3 was implemented on January 20, 2005 to coincide with RVSM implementation in the domestic U. For flight in RVSM airspace, aircraft with RNAV and RVSM capability, but not Advanced RNAV capability, will file /W.

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