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Someone said there was a name like "vti_title" for the Title field that I will try but SHEESH. In the link above you can go for a reference to find out which properties to use depending on what you are using a library or a list. Remember this, in most blogs it is written that you should use the Internal Name of the field, but for me it was different. Some of them had something altogether different because they still came up null for both the internal and display names.I've written an event receiver for that list, here's my code: Use Item Updating event and then afterproperties contains changed value and List Item contains original value of a field.Here you can find info what properties are avaialable in each events. Here is the example: This is a pretty useful discovery.

However, it seems to be the case that not all fields on an item follow the same rules.You know the After Properties subscript operator returns an object right? Shouldn't you be casting to a string or calling To String()? (like all those events that are having “-ing” as suffix). are: Item Added, Field Updated, Feature Activated etc…(like all those events that are having “-ed” as suffix).

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List Item Item Adding No value No value Null Item Added No value No value New value Item Updating Original value Changed value Original value Item Updated Original value Changed value Changed value Item Deleting No value No value Original value Item Deleted No value No value Null Also, if you are going to try to compare Before/After values, watch out for these types: People fields, rich text fields (Note), and Date Time fields.

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