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You cannot hide from the IRS, Webcam Models MUST pay taxes…As a Web Cam Model you are considered an Independent contractor.If you are taking your web modeling business seriously you got to pay taxes.Otherwise sooner or later you’ll get in trouble with IRS that will result in fines and other problems.Here is the list: Webcam modeling business requires you to be beautiful in order to make money.And staying beautiful takes a lot of money as well.If not, expect to owe thousands of dollars, especially if you Webcam full time…Visit your library / bookstores for good books on filing a Schedule C (business profit/loss) statement. Do I just keep track of how much money I have earned, put a certain amount away for taxes.

If you are living / working in the United States as I am, then hopefully u paid your quarterly payments?Any Information is helpful I am thinking about signing up for a webcam model. Will they send me w2’s at the end of the year like a regular job?and will i have to owe money instead of getting money back?Note that some things can only be partially written off depending on how much you use them for the business.For example if you work from home you can write off your electricity expenses but only about 30% depending on how much you work per day.

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