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When TV Nation ended, Theroux was signed to a development deal by the BBC, through which he developed Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends.He has guest-written for a number of publications including Hip Hop Connection, and he continues to write for The Idler.

"We’ve met a few times," Louis previously revealed. She’s a really nice person." He added: "I have been to a few A-list parties but not massively It’s not my life but it’s fun dipping in to it. And then you think they just want to get rid of you." Louis Theroux returns to the BBC in October with series of hard-hitting documentaries about the darker sides of life in the USA after achieving success with his Scientology film – click here for the surprising facts about the film maker Many praised Louis’ work on the first instalment of the BBC series, which explores America’s problem with prescription pain killers.In Weird Weekends (1998–2000), Theroux followed marginal, mostly American subcultures such as survivalists, black nationalists, white supremacists and porn stars, often by living among or close to the people involved.Often, his documentary method subtly exposed the contradictions or farcical elements of some seriously held beliefs.Theroux is best known for his documentary series, including Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, When Louis Met..., and his BBC Two specials.His career started in journalism and it bears the influences of notable writers in his family, such as his father Paul Theroux and his brother Marcel.

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