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I have a really dirty mind and I'm not afraid to use it! LOL I'm into everything except blood, scat and torture and pegging. " I asked, having seen her variety of strap-ons and heard many women begging for her to fuck them harder."I can get you to come in so many ways you will never look at a man again," she purred, leaning in and kissing my neck.' I saw Jake talking with a redhead dressed as Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid' (my favourite Disney movie), likely his latest prey and all the air whooshed out of me as if I had been gut-punched.I was reconsidering my ridiculous plan of revenge when I heard my name called. Walker in a costume surprisingly hot for a teacher.My Ex-Boyfriend's Hot Mom When people first see me, no one makes eye contact... Truth is, I am quite shy (I was the only Latina in my elementary and middle school and found it easier to fade into the background than to try and fit in with the whites), insecure (people fall for my body, not my mind or personality... could see me as smart, witty, pretty, athletic, Latina and beautiful. no, it's about how I tried to get revenge on my asshole of a boyfriend and ended up doing it in an epically perfect way... I was getting worried and annoyed, when I walked outside and saw him sitting on the ledge of a hot tub getting a blow job from some skinny white bitch with tiny tits. I allowed him to tie me up spread eagled on the bed while he finger fucked me, or played Play Station or face fucked me... I also played dozens of different slutty professionals: slutty cowgirl, slutty professor, slutty cop, slutty hooters girl (which surprisingly I didn't get hired for in real life!!! Besides all the slutty roleplay, he kept pushing me further into humiliation and submission including: I had to walk down the beach with a load of cum all over my face. He had me go to a wedding with a vibrating egg inside my cunt... which made me moan out load, drawing a surprised look from the bride just before she said, "I do." I went to work with a butt plug lodged up my ass for eight hours. He then came on my face and made me give his buddy a hand job. determined to walk out with the sexiest, sluttiest outfit they had. The costume was really nothing more than a skimpy, tight leather black dress, the head gear, and a cross.

I had become his slut and he was treating me as such. This had been the longest relationship in my life, we had even dated back in high school, and any fond memories I had retained were in ashes. Before long, every single one of these girls and women was screaming in euphoria. The cleavage displayed in the profile picture I put on the website meant I had hundreds of invites to chat; men are shallow and my tits were the bait. I still was only getting off with my toys, and online play was no fun after I came and returned to my baseline of self-loathing. Letting go after an embrace lasting more than several seconds, she always gave long hugs, she sympathised, "Sorry about you and Jake." I shrugged, trying to be strong, "Yeah, well college relationships often don't last." "I suppose," she nodded, looking remorseful. " I asked, my anger already bubbling at the thought he pinned the break up on me. "I tried to find out more but he made it clear he didn't want to talk about it." "Of course he did," I sighed...

"Well, then how about I just bury my face in your cunt and we can sin our way to heaven? "I'm serious, if I don't get some big dick in me tonight, or two or three, I'll come home and let you show me what you got," I promised, confident that in this outfit I was going to get fucked.

"I'm not kidding either," she promised back, "give me half an hour and you will never want dick inside you again." "Don't you fuck your women?

Karen had never liked my boyfriend and had often suggested that maybe I should switch to her team since all guys were assholes and only a woman really knew how to please another woman. She had also been my high school English teacher a couple years earlier.

That night ended with ice cream, vodka and crying on my sweet roommate's shoulder.

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