Novels about dating violence

Marlowe delivers a lyrical description of a spring morning in California, ending “The call houses that specialise in 16-year-old virgins are doing a land office business.And in Beverly Hills the jacaranda trees are beginning to bloom.” Marlowe never forgets that the world is simultaneously a horrible and beautiful place.It must be admitted that this eye for detail often failed him when he came to construct plots.When Howard Hawks, filming The Big Sleep, asked Chandler to clarify who was responsible for the death of the chauffeur Owen Taylor, the author couldn’t tell him.

Hamish Hamilton is reissuing five classic Raymond Chandler novels with early edition front covers, at £12.99 each.

But there comes a time when you would rather cut your throat.” Pulp purists may not quite have known what to make of him, but they had the intelligentsia to tell them.

When Chandler died, 50 years ago this week, The New York Times noted that he had become the detective writer of choice for “highbrows”. His parents divorced when he was seven; he and his mother moved to London and he was educated at Dulwich College.

He continued to work with painstaking slowness when he began to write novels: “I believe that all writing that has any life in it is done with the solar plexus.

It is hard work.” Ten years after his first story was published, still on the breadline with four novels behind him, he was wondering if the effort had been worth it.

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Mysteries, suspense novels, thrillers, and crime novels and stories about the misappropriating, looting, plundering, hiding, selling, and taking of art and antiquities by Nazi party members and by others during World War II, as well as novels and stories about the hiding and preserving of art by various individuals and groups during the war.

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