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And there are clients who love to stub out burning cigarettes on our bodies.These days I have begun to charge for a cigarette burn - 500 rupees () per stub," he says."Nobody really has any idea of what we do, and the problems we face. Some of my friends tell me, 'what an enviable life you live!

They are also stepping out of their shadowy world to talk about their lives and problems in a society where very little is known about them, talking about sex remains a taboo, and homosexuality and soliciting sex is outlawed.There are several thousand of them in the big cities and their numbers are growing as the mobile phone and the internet have made business easier for them.They are hardly spoken about in HIV prevention programmes, though they comprise one of the most high-risk groups in the country.Society should first look at itself before condemning us… Society has failed people like me," Das said."We sex workers in Sonagachi do not have anyone to support us - what do we do if our husbands leave us?Most of us have no education and two to three kids.

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It is hardly a easy job to do - in the absence of male brothels, gigolos like Samrat cruise after dusk for prospective clients, mainly upper or middle-class and rich women who usually drive in their cars with dark tinted windows. Just as female sex workers face violence and get cheated, we face such situations from time to time too," says the son of a bank worker, who joined the sex trade after a short stint as an employee with a multi-national pharmaceutical firm in the capital, Delhi.

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