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You’ll need great distraction skills when they’re waiting to hear back about an audition — or else you’ll both go crazy. They watch more tape than football coaches, and will do so at all hours of the night – especially before a big audition.

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So I’ll give you five Obviously, there are several reasons to date a dancer, and many not to, too.

I’ll might to a post on that too, actually, just felt these silly lists running around needed an antagonist. I know when my husband and I first started dating, he told his friends that I was a dancer and apparently that led to a 30 minute conversation about the benefits of flexible girls : S ….uuuugggghhh, be more creative, please! Reply yes, it seems to be a returning subject amongst ‘civilians’ when talking about dancers..

Granted there are some drawbacks like the long hours of rehearsal, possibly “dancer feet," or the fact that they probably own more sweatpants than you do. Dance is a sport that will work your entire body for numerous hours per day. You will get to go to her shows and see her in tiny (and I mean tiny) costumes.

However, there are many reasons to date them that will make you not want to date anybody else! Arms, abs, legs, feet, calves, back — you name it — it will be sore the next day! You will get to share those experiences with her, watch her be passionate about what she loves and see all of the hard work throughout the year pay off.4. After releasing endorphins all day, they are bound to be in a great mood.5. They are able to balance family, friends and their passion.

I love to browse through them because the women in them are so visually lovely and the clothing and the photo shoots are often extremely creative or quirky. One other benefit to dating a dancer is that they often travel the world. They have seen and can appreciate Old World art and culture. Some guys just would never date a dancer because they don’t care about the world of dance, classical music or fashion or beauty like that.

They might like a woman who can fish and do a tune up on a muscle car.

He seems more self absorbed and i never know if its on purpose or thats just how he is.He is a ballroom dancer and I do tap, jazz, ballet, modern etc. OK so im gay, ago i made it official with a guy whose in theatre AND ballet and works a long time ago and I LOVE this about him.but it’s always nice to get out and try a new type of dance like the ballroom for me. and i know he cares about me and he says he can see himself with me indefinitely and i love how hes following his dreams. At places you least expect (say, a subway platform) they’ll begin practicing a sequence while whispering to him/herself. You will hear joints popping at all times and places. Your physical stamina will never ever outlast theirs. They don’t eat like a bird at all — they ravenously feast like a bodybuilder.f you are a guy and have never dated a dancer, you are missing out!

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But remember, as with people in general, you find all kinds of dancers.

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  1. dass man die Person auch ohne grossen Reiseaufwand im realen Leben treffen kann. Eine Dating-Plattform bietet viele Möglichkeiten, neue Menschen kennenzulernen – und vielleicht sogar den lange gesuchten Partner zu finden.

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