Radiometric age dating worksheet

So let's zoom into this nucleus and take a look at the beta decay process.

Inside this nucleus, we see protons and neutrons, but let's say one of these neutrons is feeling as if things would be more stable if it could turn into a proton.

Specially defined isotopes, called nuclides, can be unstable and therefore undergo radioactive decay.To better understand how radiometric dating helps us determine the age of rocks, it will help us to gain a better understanding of how elements decay.Radioactive decay is the term used for the process by which an unstable atomic nucleus loses energy by releasing radiation.If we have a parent nucleus where the neutron-to-proton ratio is too great, then that parent might be feeling unstable about its circumstance and want to move to a more stable state through beta decay.Beta decay is a type of radioactive decay where a beta particle is emitted.

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We call the unstable nuclide that undergoes radioactive decay the parent nuclide and the nuclide that results from the radioactive decay the daughter nuclide.

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