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Distributed by Endemol Shine International, The Fall has sold to 200 countries including Netflix in the US, BBC First Australia, Bravo Canada, Direc TV Latin America, Globosat Brazil, RTE Ireland, Fox International Channels across Asia as well as a multi-territory deal with ZDF Enterprises Germany.THERE ARE plenty of reasons to recommend Jon Wright’s new Irish comedy-horror, Grabbers. It includes an effective opposites-attract romance. And it foregrounds some of the most extraordinary drunk acting you could ever wish to see.

In the current decade, she has taken regular roles in three series: ITV’s science-fiction romp Primeval, the hit RTÉ thriller Love/Hate and the historical drama Titanic. I don’t think I have, in this business, ever sat back and thought: I am comfortable.” Do people recognise her? People sometimes think they know me, but usually they think it’s from seeing me in the shop down the road.” On paper, Grabbers sounds like an unlikely project.Ruth’s character is uptight, fastidious and polished. Man-eating sea creatures are soon everywhere about. I thought it was very good, but I knew it could go ether way. It played at the Sundance Film Festival, still the key spot for independently minded cinema, before moving on to the Edinburgh Film Festival in June. And the quality of films is always really good.” And the Americans got it? “I got the script, read it and thought: this is a romantic comedy,” she says. The picture picked up strong reviews at both events. But John Hawkes and Paul Giamatti are walking down the street. Sundance must have been a particularly delightful experience. A great many celebrities touch down on that one, very small patch of Utah soil.

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