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In June, with the help of some amazing volunteers, we did some archaeological fieldwork at the Silver Beach Elk site.

This included underwater survey and mapping, plus systematic sampling of the site's soils and stratigraphy.

Quentin Ruprecht, whose granddaughter Nikki is the one who found the fluted point, realized what an important find the swimmers had made.

He used his network of friends to find an archaeologist who could come out and confirm the age of the point and the importance of the bones. I stopped by on my way back from a kayaking session on Lake Superior to see what they had found and we've been working together ever since.

I'll start with an outline of some of the major bits of news, and follow up with a few details for each.

The on-going analysis of the elk bone at the UW-Milwaukee Zooarchaeology Lab revealed some interesting butchering and wounding marks that tell us more about the elk's last day.

El Servicio de Prospeccin Geolgica de los Estados Unidos se propona brindar a la comunidad internacional acceso electrnico gratuito a cualquier imagen tomada por el satlite de teleobservacin terrestre Landsat existente en el archivo nacional por l administrado, el cual contena imgenes del mundo entero que se remontaban al Landsat-1, lanzado en 1972.

Quentin is a member of the Barnes Area Historical Association, a local group that is working hard to create a museum near Barnes that could provide a home for the elk remains.

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It could tell us something new about the end of the last ice age and the glaciers that covered this region.

It could tell us something new about elk and their past in Wisconsin.

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Fluted points are old - roughly 10,000 years old, give or take a couple hundred years.

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