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Later that evening they had sex without using birth control.

Peterson commented that he didn't want children and regretted not taking precautions.

Sibley states that he told her he was single and wanted to meet someone to have a long-term relationship with, someone intelligent.

Scott Peterson met Shawn Sibley, Amber Frey's best friend at the time, during a business conference in Anaheim, California in October 2002.

They shared deep conversations about their lives and feelings.

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He’s found a life behind bars,” his father, , reveals in an exclusive interview.

Once informed of Peterson's deception, Amber contacted the police and agreed to assist with their investigation by taping future phone conversations from Peterson.

Laci Peterson was reported missing by Scott Peterson at 6pm on December 24, 2002, after he returned home from a fishing trip at the Berkeley Marina.

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Scott told Amber he would be in Paris over the holidays.

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