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How hard will it be for same-sex spouses to sponsor a foreign partner?

“I think that all married couples [gay and straight] will be entitled to same the treatment under immigration laws,” Donna Lieberman of the New York Civil Liberties Union told me.

Then, when the TV camera is turned away, Cathy and Sheila kiss deeply and passionately as if they are new lovers about to hook up for the first time (rather than the parents of a teenager and a couple of 20 years, now legally recognized as married in the eyes of the federal government). “My last act as board president of Marriage Equality USA will be on Sunday, marching in the pride parade.”Then, unlike so many straight politicians who only do so when caught in a sex scandal, Cathy will take a break “to spend time with my family.”* * *Today was not just a day for marriage activists: it was a day for lawyers.

(And lawyers dealing with same-sex relationship law will be getting a lot of work in the coming months and years.)In theory, same-sex couples, according to the ACLU, now have the right to wed in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

She could be talking about the fact that it took a team of six people to disassemble and reassemble the wheelchair of Spyer—who was riddled with multiple sclerosis—when they traveled to Canada to get legally married shortly before Spyer died.“It’s like the word marriage,” Windsor continues. Anyone who has underestimated her—like House Speaker John Boehner, who decided he’d temporarily give up his revulsion to taxes to try to keep 0,000 of Windsor’s—did so at their own peril. When talking about her road from being a closet case to a lesbian “shero”—whose name is now brought up along with those of Rosa Parks and Harvey Milk—she chooses colorful, but economical, language.“Internalized homophobia is a bitch,” she says.* * *Hours before the press conference, Cathy Marino-Thomas, the board president of Marriage Equality USA, could not stop crying when the Defense of Marriage Act was ruled unconstitutional.

Or to get access to federal benefits if they were wed in a state that had marriage equality but move to one that does not?

When the New York Senate voted to legalize same-sex marriage in 2011, I watched NOM’s Brian Brown put his head into his hands and cry his head off.

His tears were of a very different variety from those of Cathy or Sheila Marino-Thomas.

Before the ruling came down, Sheila and Cathy could barely remember to breathe. You and Sheila can take care of each other.’”Cathy and Sheila rock each other and cry in each other’s arms. ”Indeed, and after all these years it’s hard to believe, even for a journalist or an activist: legal marriage is no longer just between a man and a woman in the United States of America.

Now that it’s out, they can barely catch their breath between sobs of relief and joy. Then Cathy’s trademark humor returns and she declares, “God, am I going to be drunk this weekend! One of the greatest legislative failures of Bill Clinton’s presidency—the bill that codified discrimination against a minority group—is in the past now. Cathy is congratulated by well-wishers on the street, first by a straight parent of a child who goes to her daughter’s school.

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I have watched Cathy screaming about marriage when few gay organizations thought any attempt to get equality was possible, let alone probable.

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