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So this person on Skype says, "Question for you, can you release and discuss a play in your chat towards marketing in the future Get more eyes and awareness out and if so what are the parameters" So what I want to do is kind of map out a diagram here about how this is all working and what this person is proposing.

' Cause maybe your thinking, wait, marketing, awareness, what's wrong with all of that?

Hey, next week we're all going to pile onto this one stock. But free chat rooms especially, be very, very careful.

The apps we’re looking at here include Skype, Fring, oo Voo, Tango, Qik and Paltalk, All of these apps are available across across multiple mobile and/or desktop platforms.

And rarely, and if they do it's probably in some sketchy way, they're not telling their chat room that they're actually getting paid for it. It does exist out there, and that message, what are your requirements, meaning what do I charge? That's their way of saying what are the prices? If you decide to go down the I want to puppet trade, just tell me what to buy path, the lazy trader's path, hey, that's what people are feasting on and looking to feast on. If you are interested in trading alongside me and other traders, then I do offer a private trading community known as the Inner Circle.

And more times that not, in fact every time, this is involving money, meaning this person is going to pay the guru, the mod, the admin, the owner of the chat room, money to then go and talk about it to their chat room. So I guess I should also change this to potential social media over here, too. The concept remains the same and it's very real.

Mobile video chat is more of a practical reality today than ever before, now that just about every new device sports a front-facing camera and a blisteringly fast Internet connection.

So if you want to try out face-to-face conversation with friends or co-workers located elsewhere in the world, what’s the best way?

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