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This function, instead of lots of possibilities, considers people and the world as if flowing in a big and insuperable stream of time.

What does people's potential mean when it cannot be realized? Their usual condition is something like meditation.

People with this strong function are usually demanding people, which like when other people fulfill their wishes and demands.

Sometimes they become managers, and sometimes good sellers that can sell even unnecessary things.

This sensing function directs to occupation of space.Logical-intuitive extravert: extravert: logic is also called Systematic Logic, or Structural Logic. Instead of making things work, it rather focuses on elimination of contradictions, on systematization, or in more general meaning on justice (if it only exists).The types for which this function is dominant are often not too energetic, they are rather stable-mooded, work without noticeable falls and rises, logical and reticent in their sayings and deeds.When we see a human arm, or a leg, or an eye, they do not tell much to us about that person in the life, even when they are put together.Jung used so-called FUNCTIONS, which in fact represent active combinations of certain dichotomies. Rational types have RATIONAL dominant functions, irrational types have IRRATIONAL dominant functions.

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