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At the center of these debates were questions about Nash's defensive abilities, about whether some of the other candidates were more dominant individual players or better all-around players, whether Phoenix's style was revolutionary or gimmicky and whether Nash was simply a product of Phoenix's system.

Jack Mc Callum wrote for Sports Illustrated in 2006 that Nash was aware of the doubters.

Nash's other unusual skill is his ability to pass with one hand.

In the game against the Mavericks, by one unofficial count, 47 of his 68 passes are one-handed (or primarily so).

But any story about Nash, the Phoenix Suns' point guard who has his team fighting for the best record in the Western Conference (despite playing all season without 6'10" superstar-in-ascension Amaré Stoudemire), must begin in that most conventional of basketball settings (a gymnasium) with his working on that most conventional of skills (shooting).

It is 45 minutes before the Suns are to play the Golden State Warriors at US Airways Center in Phoenix, and Nash is the only player in the team's practice gym. Nash begins near the basket, then gradually moves farther away, firing jumper after righthanded jumper with what Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Del Harris calls "absolutely perfect mechanics," his right palm facing the ceiling as he releases, his wrist snapping on each follow-through.

"But if I gather with two hands every time, that cuts down exponentially the amount of avenues and openings on the court." has long been a catchy way to identity the league's premier shooters, guys who are capable of sinking 50 percent of their field goals, 40 percent of their three-pointers and 90 percent of their free throws.

This is an exclusive club whose only qualified members are Bird, Jose Calderon, Durant, Steve Kerr, Reggie Miller, Nash, Nowitzki and Mark Price.

The following year, he topped Le Bron James, Nowitzki, Bryant and Chauncey Billups.The future Hall of Famer will be remembered as one of the most unselfish and creative floor generals of all time, a 6'3" wizard who tormented defenses with his excellent shooting touch, superb vision and a futuristic understanding of angles and positioning.Here's a look at 10 numbers that defined Nash's career, which included stops with the Suns, Mavericks and Lakers.He merely moves his hand from over the ball to behind it."If I could make every pass with two hands I would," Nash says.

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The agreement was expected to run until 2022, with provisions to run an additional five years.

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