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Authorities executed one inmate in 2016, down from six in 2015.

Direct elections for both the president, held since 1996, and for the legislature, held since 1991, have been considered generally free.

Condemned inmates, after being sedated, are shot from behind at close range.

Family members of inmates facing the death penalty are typically not informed about scheduled dates of executions.

In the January 2016 general elections, Tsai of the DPP won 56 percent of the presidential vote, followed by the KMT’s Eric Chu Li-lun with 31 percent and James Soong Chu-yu of the People First Party (PFP) with 12.8 percent.

Tsai’s margin of victory was the largest since presidential elections were first held in 1996.

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Though consideration of China necessarily plays a significant role in Taiwanese politics, elected officials in Taiwan are free to set and implement policy without undue interference from foreign or other unelected actors.

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