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In that case, you must convert selection coordinates using the conversion methods described in Sorting and Filtering. Your model might hold its data in an array, vector, or hash map, or it might get the data from an outside source such as a database. This table is different from the Before you go on to the next few tasks, you need to understand how tables draw their cells.

Notice the outline around the last cell clicked; this is how the Metal look and feel highlights the lead selection. If you click on the "Single Interval Selection" radio button, you can select a set of rows that must be contiguous.Next, the table compares the column's data type with a list of data types for which cell renderers are registered.This list is initialized by the table, but you can add to it or change it.The following code formats a string containing the row and column of the lead selection: NOTE: Selection data actually describes selected cells in the "view" (table data as it appears after any sorting or filtering) rather than in the table model.This distinction does not matter unless your viewed data has been rearranged by sorting, filtering, or user manipulation of columns.

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