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Through brute force, such a program might be able to stumble upon a user's password, especially if the password is weak.To prevent such brute force attacks, the Membership framework locks out a user if there are a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts within a certain period of time.We need to update the login page's logic so that it validates credentials against the Membership framework's user store.Much like with creating user accounts, credentials can be validated programmatically or declaratively.Therefore, a hacker attempting to break into your site could create a program that exhaustively sends HTTP requests to the login page with a valid username and a guess at the password.

If the credentials are valid, the HTTP response includes the authentication ticket in a cookie.Let's update our login page (~/ tutorial, creating an interface with two Text Boxes for the username and password, a Remember Me checkbox, and a Login button (see Figure 1).The code validates the entered credentials against a hard-coded list of username and password pairs (Scott/password, Jisun/password, and Sam/password). Figure 1: The Login Page's Interface Includes Two Text Boxes, a Check Box List, and a Button (Click to view full-size image) The login page's user interface can remain unchanged, but we need to replace the Login button's Label is displayed, informing the user that their username or password was incorrect. To test that the login page works as expected, attempt to login with one of the user accounts you created in the preceding tutorial.Or, if you have not yet created an account, go ahead and create one from the .That means any hacker sniffing the network traffic can see the username and password.

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