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THE ARCHITECTURE For the particularity of the restoration process led by Welldom, inspired by the philosophy of kalos kai agathos, “beautiful and good”, Ca’ Spineda was elected the most beautiful residential redevelopment in Italy by Rebuild 2014.

The villa respects, in fact, the canons of the ideal livingaccording to an holistic approach that considers architecture, building construction, design, architecture, interior design and lighting as part of a single, harmonious whole.

The archaeologists also found cookware and lamps along with a large quantity of African Late Roman pottery and related materials such as kiln spacers.

The team at the University of Southern Florida has created a 3D video of the Roman villa of Durrueli at Realmonte which is located off the south coast of the island.

Dipped in the country, only 10 minutes’ drive from Pisa, you will find a wonderful Villa dating back to the beginning of the XX century.

more He manages the Hotel with passion and professionalism since its foundation, making sure that his team spreads his idea of quality and attention to details.

Giovanni Fabris, who founded Welldom, general contractor thattakes careof the construction, engineering and consultancy in the field of sustainable luxury living, with the mission to build high, quality tailor-made homes and creator of the event, explains: "it is the first time that the ideal life is interpreted in a creative way by different professionals, ranging from the construction, architecture, garden & interior design pursuing the same philosophy in order to create a beautiful house that offers maximum comfort to its inhabitants fully respecting the environment".

Many entrepreneurs attended the event in support of this "sustainable" philosophy including Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni (Gervasoni), Roberta Bertacco and Natalino Malasorti (CEA Design), Monica Faganello and Alberto Cristofoli (I AM Lifestyle), Roberto Vitali (Village for all - V4A®).

A spectacular Roman villa dating back almost 2,000 years has been unveiled by archaeologists in Sicily.

Scroll down for video Researchers have created a 3D video of the Roman villa of Durrueli at Realmonte which is located off the south coast of Sicily.

It was discovered in 1907 during construction works for a local railway line.

The house went through difficult times until 2007, when Giovanni Fabris, founder and CEO of Welldom, chose the building to become the future home both of its offices and Atelier Welldom and began the restoration of the property.

THE INTERIORS & THE INSTALLATION Welldom, along with the design brands Gervasoni and Viabizzuno, companies that combinethe finest Made in Italy with sustainability, craftsmanship, high quality materials and a refined aesthetic, decorated the villa’s interiors withelements of luxury design and furnishings combined withvintage design pieces re-assembled by interior designer Alberto Colbertaldo.

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The team plans to continue its research next summer.

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