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“When fully implemented, we expect to train about 225,000 people a year at these Academy facilities,” Scott Markley, a member of Wal-Mart’s Media Relations staff, tells The Christian Science Monitor in an email.

Wal-Mart is making a fundamental shift in its business model: from low-cost, no-frills retailing, to investing in its workers to take a more customer-service oriented approach.

UFCW Local 1776 covers Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County, where one of the new Academies will be based.

In a statement given to the Monitor, local president, Wendell W.

But there's a catch: Employees will need to complete a six-month online training program called Pathways.

These academies are just another gimmick with no real-world benefits for the workers.

In 2017, 19 states began the new year with higher minimum wages.

Five states (Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, and Washington) increased their rates through ballot initiatives, reports the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Young, IV, argues:“These Wal-Mart Training Academies are too little, too late.

Wal-Mart is well-known for their mistreatment of workers.

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