Watermans gold pencil dating

The clip and band were specially designed for the Patrician and were meant to give a feeling of opulence to the pen.

These accouterments have the feel of Greek columns.

This explains why it cost so much to buy a Patrician today.

I, like about 20,000 other people, visited the DC Supershow this past weekend. Over the years I’ve purchased many unusual Esterbrook nibs from the Andersons.

What caught my eye this time were the fountain pen friendly pads of paper they sell. In 1915 Waterman introduced a level filling mechanism that became their primary filler until the 1955.

In the years preceding the Patrician, Waterman made many innovative and interesting pen models.

They were successful and eventually bought out their former parent’s assets.The Patrician was the first plastic pen Waterman made[3].Most models that came after the Patrician were made of plastic, although they continued to make silver and gold pens that sold at high prices.Most were designated by a number system that reflected, among other things, the size of the pen.These pens were made of black hard rubber, often , sterling silver, 14k gold, and gold filled metal.

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