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state of tbe almanac tial confetaloot ara or of right ought to be oa L We ref h.r. Even the Royal Bruce that bis bnaincaa waa double this year that if out of our paper by political matter. s •“deg- intereated elevation ot purpose by which we Bruce himself led the English hosts in the | est and most coat ly furs. oativ.-bxn CM- P®®*“«®I® »**®® bxn aubatantially repaired corrupt and servile temper of the nativx, it is effort should be made to punish the illegal vo- I|‘n\ ’’[»'! It waa bard to overcome the Eng- season, and tnerefore Ih. **" f*****^" »— •"« i M,rtt«.-oia tac' ■ ■ * I^S'olo'Bre of Een- and aome that appear to ua all but Inaacusable, monarch*, standard. We wrote an an- swer to “Laic” at tbe time, but it waa crowded out of our paper by political matter. lo the article to which “Laic” undartoak to reply, we maintained that penitential cenfaa- sioo} are not privi Gged commonicatiani in the ^ .a t rt wa iy par faea Vi t Ma Saalar ^ aa Vsm Sr aw vvadan JJt-’i Tn "i a M t L li w.«^»sw^»**taa. "® rxpec Uble writx ‘-rnnyh and 1 lat thry frill rrraii i tbe Mppori ***** ** •• «7 -®«®nl- The defective slope higher order of foreign immigrants into tbe In our view, q lite as great and determined an *ty I® »hat it will be worth double, next year, on evidence in either countoy declarx anything •r a majxity at Uaot X tb. -i U pc®«**nt the vexatious will Walker do nexif Will be bxten to re city, let three hunlred villaix be sent to the ''’rhi «i have been, although It may have been made to tbe maixenanee X tbe Uaie. A vsr} fidential tbe nature of tbat eommnnicatioa may Ibe cxmtry, X tbe FUlmxre pxty, ptodgto G '“P®®®*^*.Cox^y it Willard, in bis spoeeb in tho loort-boux to **! tb U plice, on Friday las*., X we xe informed, *"* f ****? f R ml- eeid: “He did not thlak tbe Irish aad Dutch ***.! * *®*^ «k«rf»d; -e " ® » immmiiately ruebml an to ibatr auppxt at the • Of conrx it is naturally to be expected that rate af belt a auto m box; tk« town, rrxtel j Governor Willard and hia Indiana friends will '"8 of *b®®“ bouxs wx cai Tled, after rtcadv- ' dn all they can towxd encouraging xd aiding '** ' the stovx ot all tho Fillmxe men of Keatucky Thot wart wa crow^' w Mb gtory, toktog - to xcape from tbeir marters.

Tb« Mtamoui-t tbat ba4 accri Kd I coa^itio M mf perm«D«Dt powcf^and that ao- I awaitiny tha t»nt«nut to enter heartily and fi Xg th“GVS b U* ®nlrg ®ur porttton againat such alckly a«ault.

^ct^nc#y it sroti§^Q dort Qftnt p Atriotism A • ,)60i6a Af Hl io t Lifl nf&iif Mr* Th# int^lliff AFit ** ' "** me DL Ifih. Does ^ a Know-Nothing or Blue Federalist deny ay , ets Med by aenaied aen, and, laslead eens Utu Uenal right to do ae? — • ® Peeetrg ever tbe ueual roate, they pamed I mean to do to again, and will aotwer te the ^ tapsdiy th'ough the city by the rtvee OMva grand jury there or tky other lawful tribunal, ' or to any private individual wbo will make the *** JUUor$ of th* tenieoaiie Jooroml: demand of mp light, as a citizen of one Stale, Gaanana, Aug. ^ No Uom ttmfffu eccarrif pofli, la this free f Oa Monday, the IStg .( tb. Locomotion la as free astbebigbway, j we received orders te merch in ball an hear as frae as “aer tt las it eqne yre/xas.” from tbat lime, aa the gallant Copt, ■agtebart It makes li Uto matter, at tbe Bahimere Amer- 3W icansaye, what the tira Ue Ooverner (bought to Walker idla’tetrtti T’ST’mtllt^^ I from that lime, as the gallant Cept. upon the work of regenera Usn which we hope hand in ruling the country, but wholly unwlll which rank next to Ruaslao sable.

HU earrtega, which was clasad Carolina, tbat I bad a right te go tboro. __ lurne of tbe Pennsylvania electiei,” or net an Impartial account ef It. He wx willing to take a sold u*der that name are Hudson Bay sables, •• A sea-captain might x xmihly call edtbeprejadicxaodnarvcrtedibctobor indg “‘•'•Mb repair eemmetced.

Their confine- vxcluauely pur/ ind tilvei^i, w Mto a physician or surgxn, or exn to .

aad tbe preeer- ‘‘•‘•f* k®»t* b**« »* l®n« been sub deem the promix of bis first suce esmsl' Is be penitentiary for their o H^nses.

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««• iaipra.U arroo*- hia mrremen U cloaely and with conatant inter- b'^dy. It waa a bitter thought to know that they ia of tonaequenca. “ ^dl- e haa, indeed, commit Ud many indlacretions, by the love of power and place to tbe Englirh the United Bta Ua, informed me ibe otbar day twer fo “Laic” at the time, but it waa crowded - --1- *rr.? from the j ble” is il e aoibitton of all our fashionable la- siooj are not privi Gged commanicatians in the Cy A few months ago a carraspo Bdent of e Louisville Democrat, over the signa of .ale,** attempted to reply to an article of oars pri/ileged communications. ed in value since September, and the probabil "® "®*'l ®®* ®®P«»* ’I**!

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